Race And Masculinity In The Clinical Setting

Honoring Men: Race and Masculinity in the Clinical Setting

Presented by theThe Men’s Center for Growth and Change 

Date:  May 25, 2022   Cost:  $125.00 (Student Discount Available)
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Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (EST)

Workshop will be presented virtually on Zoom

Workshop Description:

Traditional societal attitudes about race and masculinity pose challenges for all therapists in healing the emotional wounds that bring men into treatment. This workshop examines the histories of Racial Science and rigid Male Code in our country, and how they have combined to exacerbate these injuries for men. 

The concept of race has never stood alone without racism. Racial hatred and violence should be recognized as one of the most damaging diseases of modern times. Research most often focuses on victims’ behaviors, but less frequently on what drives perpetrators’ hate and fear based on color.  Medicine and the Mental Health field have contributed to this process. More recent studies suggest that white supremacist beliefs may carry their own self-inflicted wounds. 

The emotional consequences of these distortions for men, both white and of color, are illustrated with clinical examples. We describe three key components for addressing race-related trauma for men in therapy:

1) trauma-informed interventions, 2) emotional intimacy skills, and 3) cultural awareness (inquiry and self-reflection).

Practicing the principles of anti-racism in everyday life can help therapists enhance their work. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to share their personal and professional experiences with feedback from our leaders.

This workshop is open to participants from all backgrounds.


1) Participants will gain knowledge and awareness of how traditional Male Code and Racial Science have contributed to trauma in males, both white and men of color. Here, the role of medicine and the mental health profession is highlighted. They will learn from examples of the ways this trauma manifests in clinical settings.

2) Participants will gain knowledge of research and theory that illuminates the underlying dynamics of racial hatred, as well as those that foster resilience in male clients.

3) Participants will learn attitudes and skills for healing both real-time and intergenerational emotional wounds in male clients. These include trauma-informed interventions, emotional intimacy skills, cultural awareness and principles of anti-racism.

4) Participants will gain insight by sharing their personal experiences around race and masculinity in private and professional settings with each other.

Workshop Presenters:

BRC new image2022

Robert E. Carter, MSW, (Brother Robb ) is the Clinical Co-Director of MCGC. He is a faculty lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Departments of Social Policy and Practice and Graduate School of Education. For over three decades he has run groups for youth and adults who are at risk for violence. His research centers on healing from racial trauma, understanding white supremacy, and teaching African and African-American history and culture.

Board President

Robert  Garfield, M.D (Rob Garfield) is Board President of MCGC. He is a clinical faculty lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. He has run therapeutic men’s groups (Friendship Labs) since the 1990’s, and has conducted research on men’s friendships and emotional intimacy. He authored “Breaking the Male Code (2015)” which describes his work. In 2019, Rob organized a national conference for MCGC on “Men and the #MeToo Movement.”

Brother Robb and Rob G. currently co-teach a lecture on Race and Masculinity at The University of Pennsylvania.

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