Individual and Couples Therapy

Under the direction of Dr. Robert Heasley and Brother Robb Carter MSW, MCGC offers individual and couples counseling for men with problems around intimacy, friendships and relationships.

Specialty Men’s Groups for Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Life Support for Healthy Relationships

Led by Brother Robb Carter MSW and our clinical associates, we continue to offer three highly regarded programs in Philadelphia.

Domestic Violence Intervention: “Bringing Peace To Relationships” is a 12 week group program for men who are self-referred as well as court mandated. 

Coping with Anger: A Cognitive-Behavioral program focused on anger management meets weekly with two of our professional counselors.

Life Support Training for Healthy Relationships: This program offers life skills including coping mechanisms, communication skills, empathy and compassion (for self and others) skills, mindfulness practices and related areas critical to enhancing relationships, intimacy and decision making – offered on-site and at recovery programs throughout the city.

Fees for the above programs are offered on a sliding scale. Please contact our office to inquire about any of our programs or services.

*Throughout this time of Covid-19 risks, all sessions of the agency are offered through Zoom.



Men, Masculinity and Race: Creating a dialogue of compassionate engagement – an online forum, composed of both white and men of color This 8 week discussion group is led by Brother Robb Carter and Robert Heasley. 

Culture Matters: How Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Sexuality Impact Men and Boys’ Lives – a workshop series for educators, clinicians and human service providers. Presented by MCGC staff and local clinicians and educators.

 Across the Life Cycle: Critical Issues in Men’s Lives – MCGC Board and staff members will offer a workshop series that cover a range of life cycle challenges for men, such as intimacy and relationships, parenting, men’s health, sexuality, aging, and retirement.


So You Want to Start a Successful Men’s Group  – Training for clinicians and others interested in starting Men’s Groups as well as enhancing skills and knowledge about working with men and boys in clinical and human services settings. Rob Garfield, along with MCGC staff will lead this program, based on a powerful approach, EMICA, which offers both emotional intimacy and cultural awareness skills.

Working with Men in Clinical Practice – Supervision for clinicians whose practice includes a focus on men’s issues, led by Rob Garfield, Brother Rob Carter, Robert Heasley.

Fees for the above programs are offered on a sliding scale. Please contact our office to inquire about any of our programs or services


Since 2017, MCGC has added a range of professional training, public forums and a regional conference addressing critical issues in men’s lives. These have included:  

Regional Conferences

Men & the #MeToo Movement: What Individuals and Organizations Can Do.  A national conference held at the University of Pennsylvania, Nov. 15 & 16, 2019, organized by MCGC. An excellent overview of the Conference by PBS News can be seeing here.

Speakers and Training Series

Coming Out, Coming Home: Helping Families Adjust to a Gay or Lesbian Child – Michael C. LaSala, Ph.D., LCSW, at MCGC, May, 2017.

Breaking the Male Code: Enhancing Men’s Emotional Intimacy Skills in Psychotherapy – Robert Garfield, M.D. & Jake Kriger, M.S., at MCGC. Oct. 11 & 18, 2017.

Shifting Gears: Finding Emotional Intimacy in Men’s Friendships A Photo/Narrative Exhibit created by Robert Heasley, Neal Wecker and Deborah Halpern, at Swarthmore PA Borough Hall & MCGC Center City Office, 2019.

Boyz II Men: The Perils of Growing Up Male – Robert Heasley, PhD, LMFT Workshop presented to the Council for Relationships, Philadelphia, 2019.

Helping Young Males Transition into Adulthood – Trevor Evans, MSW and Robert Heasley, PhD LMFT, at MCGC, 2019.