Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling 

Professionally trained therapists work with men and their families who struggle with gender-based restrictions and harmful assumptions about male and female roles. We help men of all ages, races, socioeconomic statuses, and sexual orientations to overcome these stereotypes in order to develop healthy, respectful relationships. A recent focus of our work has been on men who struggle with sexual misconduct, harassment, affairs, and family repercussions from their actions (Led by: Dr. Robert Heasley).

Men’s Support Groups 

Many men report encountering loneliness and isolation when faced with society’s cultural barriers to intimacy ( By opening up to other men who share the same problems, these barriers can be lifted (i.e. men are able to form deeper bonds of friendship which enrich other relationships outside of the group). In addition to our own groups, we provide referrals to other local men’s groups. 

Later this year, we plan to offer Leader Labs,  training for professionals who want to develop and run men’s groups (Led by Dr. Rob Garfield, Dr. Jake Kriger, and Dr. Robert Heasley).

Managing Anger and Ending Violence

We work with men individually and in groups to address culturally learned attitudes that rely on anger and violence to manage their emotions and relationships. Men learn alternate skills that promote intimate, healthy connections and positive conflict resolution.  Men who have completed Anger Management/Domestic Violence courses and/or are in individual therapy to help reintegrate into marriage, family, and work life are encouraged to join our Life Support groups to continue their journeys of personal growth (Led by Brother Robb Carter).

Educational Programs and Advocacy 

Our own staff, joined by local and nationally recognized clinicians and educators, provide workshops and training on men’s issues throughout the year. These programs include men’s health, fathering, sexuality, intimate partnering, friendship, and parenting (Dr. Trevor Evans).

We also make our clients aware of current social policy issues, impending legislation, and events that affect the health of folks of all genders and sexual orientations. We encourage our members to learn about these programs and take positive action when possible. 

Later this year, we are debuting our inaugural conference in Philadelphia on “Men and the #MeToo Movement” (Dr. Rob Garfield, Dr. Jenn Pollitt).

Professional Training  

In addition to group leadership, we offer additional professional supervision and training for therapists in situations where gender-based learning and skills can advance the treatment — for example, with parents and caregivers who are raising boys, or when sexual harassment and misconduct is a major issue (Dr. Robert Heasley).