Mission Statement

MCGC’s mission is to help men and boys realize their full potential to love and positively connect with others. We assume all men possess an inherent goodness, strength and tenderness that allow them to love and respect others. We help men learn to create relationships built upon self-esteem, respect for others, safety, and non-violence. 

Our programs challenge the stereotypes of male code -society’s traditional assumptions about what masculinity is supposed to look like. We help men learn to be honest and authentic, to positively connect with women, children, and folks of all backgrounds and ages. This may include overcoming patterns of anger, violence, and self harm that arise as a result of patriarchal and misogynistic norms. We promote the value of developing intimate bonds of friendship with other men and the skills to become strong, engaged parents and partners.

We encourage men to use their power to better the lives of others, to challenge injustices and prevent further violence due to sexism, racism and gender inequality. We want to embrace the different ways masculinity presents in today’s world with an open heart and mind. We plan to achieve the above by developing strong partnerships and bonds of community with other local organizations who are committed to non-violence and gender equality.

Doing so, we believe, prepares men to better meet the changing demands of society, to heal themselves and to celebrate these changes.