MCGC collaborates with other local agencies and organizations who share our vision of improving men’s lives and advocate for non-violence and gender equality. We are partnered with and refer to neighbors, WOAR (Women Organized Against Rape), and LSH (Lutheran Settlement House). We contract with the City of Philadelphia to provide direct and follow-up services for men and their families who struggle with anger management and domestic violence problems. We are currently developing relationships with Philadelphia PSR (Philadelphia Physicians for Social Responsibility), Widener University, and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as organizations that sponsor their own anti-violence programs.

Check out the Talk Like a Man blog from board member, Alex Bove!

Talk Like a Man is a social norms “marketing” project, in collaboration with the Men’s Center for Growth and Change, designed to discuss and reflect the shifts in masculinity in the 21st Century. TLaM is written from a male-positive, profeminist point of view. Please visit the Facebook page, Tumblr, and YouTube channel to learn more about the project as a whole.